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ABC Sunshine Coast: Megan Kinninment It's a chicken buyers' market where everyone talks turkey about their favourite bird They come from far and wide to buy and talk about chickens — from breeding to sustainability, to health and nutrition, to preparing chooks for the table. Key points: - There is a huge variety of chickens for sale at the Sunshine Coast's Perma-Poultry market - Market founder Kate Grealy says the popularity of backyard chickens is on the rise - If all goes well, the market will expand to include display gardens and more edible-plant sales A new weekend market dedicated to selling mainly chickens has opened on the Sunshine Coast in what is believed to be a first of its kind open to the general ABC News 16 days ago.

Patrick Maloney adopted his puppy Clifford through an online concierge service. Coupons

People are spending thousands on puppy concierge services to find the perfect dog By Nicole Lyn Pesce The American Kennel Club just launched a service to pair people with dog breeders and animal rescues. Courtesy of Patrick Maloney It takes a lot of scratch to fetch a dog these days. As consumers have turned away from puppy mills — and California has even banned selling non-rescue dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores — they are turning to breeders, animal rescues and shelters to buy or adopt a pup. But even these sources can be questionable.

MarketWatch 16 days ago. Winx clocks up another win at Randwick in March, a month before retiring. Footage filmed secretly at the Nonghyup abattoir in South Korea last year shows horses being repeatedly beaten on the head with lengths of black polyethylene pipe in an attempt to herd them into the facility. That treatment would be in breach both of Australian animal welfare laws and of the requirements imposed on abattoirs that process live export animals if it was part of a formal Australian supply chain, the RSP The Guardian 19 days ago.

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Behavioural correlations of the domestication syndrome are decoupled in modern dog breeds Credit: CC0 Public Domain Scientists since Darwin have been intrigued by the simultaneous alteration of multiple morphological, physiological and behavioural traits across a wide range of domesticated animals, such as horses, pigs and dogs. For instance, reduced brain size, floppy ears, increased docility and hormonal changes are commonly seen in domesticated animals but not their wild ancestors.

This phenomenon is known as the domestication syndrome, and the traits within this syndrome are assumed to change together in a correlated fashion during domestication.

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But surprisingly, whether or Welcoming a dog into your home is not a decision to be made lightly, but a loving dog can make a dramatic impact. That being said, some types of dogs are particularly well-suited to mental health concerns. Lauren McDevitt, co-founder of Good Dog, founded the platform to help future dog owners find the perfect canine companion.

Newsweek Last month. Farmer Sutra! Are gay rams really a problem in the sheep industry? A breeding ram has only one job. The show reports that one in 12 sheep is gay. The Guardian 21 days ago. A European wildcat suckling her kittens. Now there is a new attempt to breed hundreds of wildcats in captivity and return the shy animal to England and Wales, where it has not roamed for years. The last remaining wildcat population in the Sc The Guardian Last month. ABC Rural: Cara Jeffery Working dogs fetch top dollar, especially during drought While kelpie breeder Shane Maurer might have 26 mouths to feed, he says the drought has led to a trend of quality over quantity when it comes to working dogs.

ABC News Last month. Male white stork joins his mate in their nest on top of an oak tree at Knepp estate, in Sussex. White stork pair could become first to breed in wild in UK for centuries White storks nesting on top of an ancient oak tree could become the first wild pair to successfully breed in Britain for hundreds of years.

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The enormous birds are brooding three eggs on the rewilded Knepp estate, in Sussex, as part of a project to reintroduce the species to south-east England. Grumpy Cat passed away on Tuesday at the age of seven. Grumpy Cat became known for her signature frown after her owner posted a photo of her on the social media platform Reddit in Then, came a few YouTube videos, hundreds, if not thousands of memes, internet fame, a couple book deals, apparel and as they say, the rest is history.

Unfortunately, after years in the spotlight, Grumpy Cat passed away at the age of seven. But those good looks come with a cost. The compact architecture of their skull results in deformation, which make their nostrils or soft palate too small, obstructing airflow and leaving the pups gasping for breath. Researchers long thought that the main cause was their shortened faces. But genes found in another breed suggest that the shortness of breath might be in their DNA, acc French bulldogs and similarly squished-head dogs, such as the pug, are known as brachycephalic d Gizmodo Last month.

Is buying a dog from a breeder really that bad? The answer isn't as clear-cut as you think If you have ever been, or have considered being, a dog owner, chances are youve heard that adopting from a shelter or rescue facility is way better than buying from a breeder. In actuality, though, it's not quite as clear-cut as "shelters are good" and "breeders are bad. So before immediately writing off breeders, do your homework to find out exactly which option is right for you if you're thinking about bringing home a new furry friend Mic Last month.

The Havanese are small but not to be underestimated. They are also very popular right now, coming in 24th out of the American Kennel Club's recognized breeds for the most recent year statistics are available. They are a member of the Toy Group, so they are a pocket-sized breed, standing about 8. That's about the size of a cat.

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Havanese have long lifespans of around 14 to 16 human years, which adds up to roughly somewhere between 84 and 94 in dog years FanSided Last month. Lifehacker Apr UPI Florida researchers find success breeding rare aquarium fish Pacific blue tang bred in captivity at University of Florida research station in Ruskin, Fla.

Once almost impossible, captive breeding of rare and colorful reef fish is quickly growing in scope and variety at a University of Florida research UPI News Apr The year-old international bank employee started plans to move his entire family, including his English bulldog, Bua Loy. But he quickly realized that the easiest trip available, taking a nonstop flight from Beijing to Washington D. Only two airlines, United Airlines and Air China, offer nonstop service, and both now ban snub-nosed breeds like Bua Loy from the cargo hold.

Knowing that his do The New York Times Apr In many instances man created, standardised, and perfected his own best friend. But perhaps one of its most lasting inventions was one that didn't save lives, advance economies or connect people. It gave us the dogs we love today. Michael Worboys, an emeritus professor at the University of Manchester who has traced the history of dog breeds, says pure-breed pups are products of the industrial revolution. ABC News Apr The probe led to Elle finding out that Bruiser inherited his mom's high cheekbones and that the poor dog mom was currently housed in a cosmetics testing facility, where she was used as a guinea pig for new products.

Luckily, in true Elle fashion, she worked her butt off and lobbied to outlaw animal testing, and the rest, as they say, is history. Curious about your own dog's genetic history and breed make-up? You don' Mashable Apr Game of Thrones characters as dog breeds What would Game of Thrones characters as dog breeds look like?

First off, none of the Dog O'Day staff watches Game of Thrones, but it's a pretty big show right now, and season 8 premiere is airing tonight at 9 p. ET on HBO. It's based on colossal novels by George RR Martin, set in a vaguely medieval fantasy world, as the Stark, Lannister and Targaryen families battle for the throne of the continent of Westeros. We got to wondering, what would Game of Thrones characters as dog breeds look like?

Since we aren't familiar with the show or the novels, we weren't sure. But thankfully, Rover. Weight approx. Mainly Color.

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