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Mail proof of birth to Kimberly Clark Corp. You can get a pair of portrait sitting coupons for your twins offers can vary - Complete the online form here Johnson and Johnson - Call to receive free stuff for twins- a twins pack that includes great coupons and informational literature on their baby products. McNeal Consumer Products The makers of Tylenol will send you free welcome packs for your twins if you call option 5 and make sure you tell them you have twins!

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They have buy one, get one free on selected products purchased directly through our Check them out here! Nestle Infant Nutrition -Call to request the address and a registration code number so that you can mail them proof of your twins doctor's letter, crib cards, birth certificates , to get coupons for 2 free cans of Nestle Good Start DNA and RNA formula. Take all the freebies offers on formula that you can - it really adds up and you don't know at first which one you'll be using long term!

You can also sign up for their free magazine online more coupons in here!

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Nestle Oceanspray - Parents of twins can receive a special deal on Oceanspray product coupons in the Multiple Birth Program. Send a copy of proof of your twins birth to Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. You'll get coupons for diapers and wipes and product samples.

Sign up for both!

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It's too confusing to sign up online for twins so call them and tell them your good news! White House Greetings - not twin specific but a fun thing to do - send your twins names, birthdate and your address to the White House to receive an official congratulations from the President - nice keepsake! Spencers Growth chart, product booklet and coupons. Stride Rite Stores - have discounts for multiples - ask for details in store. Make sure you bookmark this freebies page and send over any twin mommies you meet - we all need all the help we can get!

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You can always pass along any coupons that don't apply to you and your family. I quickly went in search of ways to help.

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There are lots of companies that have great presents and programs for extra blessed parents. Thanks to Laura for getting these together and calling all these companies to just to make sure it was right information!! They send samples and full products. Send toys and amazing coupons. Sent onsies, coupons for free formula, 12 free 2-packs of Gerber food, pampering kit for mommy and additional high value coupons. Send coupons for free Jumbo packs of diapers, plus other high value coupons.

Evenflo, Co. Kimberly Clark Corp.

No proof required.